With the recent developments regarding coronavirus and the shutdown off all non-essential business, many small businesses are reflecting on their marketing strategies and are planning for when we reach the other side of this crisis.

Many businesses rely on face-to-face interactions with customers and for small businesses that may not offer an e-commerce service, a lockdown could bring sales to a halt. For businesses like these, it’s important to keep an online presence running, even if it’s just a simple website to take enquiries from, keeping the communication open with customers can mean coming out of this lockdown with a boost of work/orders in the pipeline. Even without a website you can still set up a free Facebook/Instagram business page and take enquiries there.

It’s no secret many us will have more spare time on our hands, so what better time to keep your social channels up to date, and since many of your potential customers are stuck at home too, your posts are going to reach a lot more people. It is worth keeping your social media platforms up to date to show your customers you are still active even if you are not physically open for business.

Of course in times like these businesses of all sizes are going to be looking at cutting back, but there is much that can be done at little to no cost. For example, posting ideas to your Facebook business page, generating new content for your blog, brainstorming future video ideas for YouTube and creating low cost adverts on Google/Facebook. Strengthening your business’s online presence will have long term benefits that will go beyond this crisis.

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